CARACAS, Venezuela – On the instructions of President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela’s top court Saturday walked back its attempt to incapacitate the country’s opposition-controlled parliament, a move that triggered condemnation across the Americas. The announcement Saturday morning came just minutes before Venezuelan protesters gathered to march through the streets of Caracas and denounce what they called…

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[ ] “You heard it here first…if you haven’t already heard it elsewhere”… Why The Vote on Internet Privacy Means You Need VPN Regulation Rollback What would be at risk if your browsing history went public? Most people have nothing to hide aside from embarrassing Google searches. But that’s not always the case. We […]

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Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos says at least 112 people have been killed after intense rains triggered an avalanche of mud and water from overflowing rivers that swept through a small city. Santos arrived at the disaster zone Saturday, warning the death toll could rise as the search for survivors continues. AFP PHOTO / EJERCITO…

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Good Saturday afternoon! I have been battling an early spring cold that knocked me down, but not out, yesterday. I have been productive at the house but still rather pathetic. I finally got ready, put on some make-up, and I’m down at one of Knoxville’s sweet local cafes. Smoked salmon panini with turkey stew and […]

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NEW YORK — Faced with too much trash in one of the world’s biggest — and arguably dirtiest — subway systems, New York transit officials staged an unusual social experiment. They removed garbage bins from 39 stations, figuring that would deter people from bringing trash into the system. AP Photo/Richard DrewA subway train arrives in…

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As in many homes, weekend breakfasts at IK HQ are very important. We get the time to sit down together, eat a non-rushed breakfast & talk about the week gone by. I really treasure these breakfasts, even on this Saturday morning when it’s still grey & wet after 24 hours of rainfall! Breakfast today was a […]

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