Imugan falls is a 35 foot spring waterfall between two mountain. The falls is six to seven kilometer from the national highway and a minute long hike from Imugan proper. It is located in Imugan, Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya. Thirty five (35) foot spring water falls streaming into a cool basin like pool and overflowing through the Imugan River. There are no cafés, bars or even convenience stores. 


Barely any lampposts to light the streets at night. Streets are mostly footpaths and trails, not concrete. There’s no mobile network signal either, so the addictively wired would just have to go to higher ground or find a spot on which to snag one bar with his or her phone held up in the air.



But eventually you shrug off the absence of a few urban comforts, as your attention is diverted to the natural attractions in Malico a mountainous terrain on the border of Nueva Vizcaya and Pangasinan in northern Luzon.


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