Jeongbang Falls is among the top three waterfalls of Jeju-do and is the only waterfall in Asia to fall directly into the ocean. Next to the waterfall is an inscription reading “Seobulgwacha,” referring to Seobul passing by this place. Seobul was a servant of the Emperor of the Chinese Qin Dynasty (BC 259~210) who was ordered by the Emperor to find a substance that would make him immortal. Seogwipo is also said to have gotten its name from this story, meaning “Seobul Headed Back West.” 



According to some sources, Jeongbang Waterfall is the only waterfall in Asia that falls directly in the ocean. However, this may be disputed, since its water falls into a sheltered cove rather than straight into the ocean. Located near Seogwipo, Jeongbang Waterfall is a popular tourist attraction.  It is considered Yeongjusipgeong, one of the ten greatest scenic wonders of Jeju.  It was said that the dragon’s spirit is contained in the water which can cure diseases and bring rain during drought. Furthermore, a nearby small waterfall is said to resemble a servant waiting on a lord.


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